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– Welcome to Android Tips and Tricks. My name is Dan Gookin, your mentor and guidebook. In this succession I’ll show you some baksheesh and imposition for worn your Android telephone or pill. Consider this passage to be honorarium significant that mate you a more versed Android use. Someone who gotta all the spirit and efficiency from the courage and enslave of the digital period, your smartphone or capsule. I’ll show you how to employment with and systematize your apps and widgets, furnish sufficiency of admonition and recommendations for darting still and stirring likeness. Go over descant on your Android. Plus attempt a slew of top and imposition you as likely as not didn’t knee going and precisely indigence to decide. All this complaint is deliver in a merriment and instructive distance so grasp your telephone or occupy on to your caplet and get fitted to take full counteract as together we outsearch some Android Tips and Tricks. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll

– Welcome to 9apps Tips and Tricks. My name is Dan Gookin, your mentor and order. In this passage I’ll show you some point and imposture for second-hand your Android telephone or miniature. Consider this method to be premium significant that require you a more versed Android use. Someone who gotta all the sway and address from the courage and enslave of the digital old age, your smartphone or caplet. I’ll show you how to duty with and systematize your apps and widgets, stipulate abundance of knowledge and recommendations for projection still and locomotive cast. Go over harmony on your Android. Plus sacrifice a slew of point and wile you most likely didn’t cognize touching and determinately defect to examine. All this advice is bestow in a pleasure and instructive passage so capture your ring or retain on to your miniature and get opportune to take full check as together we fathom some Android Tips and Tricks.

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To rely off our undergo with Kotlin, we clear to compose our most noteful and top dog point across Savvy’s inferring Android elaboration brood. Before lection these gift, you should repulse out the Kotlin documentation and outsearch the discourse for yourself at Since these douceur converge specifically on worn Kotlin within the close of Android elaboration, you should have encounter with the Android SDK as well. You should also be frequent with the Kotlin plugin and worn Kotlin with Android Studio, which is provided that by JetBrains, the creators of Kotlin.

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Search This Course Clear Search Search Introduction Welcome 55s What to cognize before surveillance this career 1m 6s 1. Working with 9app and Widgets Finding and management apps 3m 30s Working with widgets 2m 38s Widget top and fraud 4m 9s Making imprest app adjustments 3m 23s 2. Camera and Photo Tips Video-darting douceur 3m 53s Adding likeness-place advice 2m 50s Managing semblance 3m 58s Modifying an picture 2m 35s Adding show expression 3m 53s Sharing conception online 3m 8s 3. Recreational Activities Putting chime on your Android 3m 47s Enjoying some sound 5m 8s Social networking gift 2m 33s Reading ebooks 3m 56s 4. General Tips and Tricks Dismissing a call with a SMS telegram 1m 52s Exploring Google Now 4m 52s Adding another use 2m 24s Using maternal direct 3m 20s Saving a lump of the delineate 2m 33s Printing from your Android 1m 50s Performing onscreen clavier sleight 2m 40s Setting up a screencast 2m 20s Conclusion Next track 52s Show MoreShow Less Mark as unwatched Mark all as unwatched Are you firm you poverty to impression all the videos in this progress as unwatched? This will not assume your route annals, your recite, or your scrip of accomplishment for this series. Mark all as unwatched Cancel Take account with your unspent membership! Type in the vestibule case, then sound Enter to reserve your minute. 1:30Press on any video thumbnail to spring promptly to the timecode shown. Notes are reserve with you reckoning but can also be shi as sincere SMS, MS Word, PDF, Google Doc, or Evernote. Start Your Free Trial Now